PaperWork’ü görmeden karar vermeyin!!!

PaperWork’ü görmeden karar vermeyin!!!

PaperWork’ü görmeden karar vermeyin!!!

PaperWork benefits companies in many areas. Traceable transparent processes increase your revenue, provide competitive advantage, reduce risks and enable customer-oriented transformation. If you want to be competitive, move your processes to the digital environment and integrate them with your main systems. The PaperWork platform is designed to integrate easily with any application. Integration is one of the important parts of digital transformation. Applications that talk to each other enable companies to use their resources efficiently. Reduces errors, increases customer satisfaction

Product group

  • PaperWork Document management
  • PaperWork Workflow
  • Mobile compatible powerful electronic form management
  • PaperWork Analytics, BI, Business intelligence
  • PaperWork SAP ECM, employee document management from within SAP
  • PaperWork SAP WF, workflow running from within SAP
  • Pw Outlook WF add on, workflow running from within Outlook
  • PW Mobile, Native mobile workflow and document management application
  • PaperWorkAI, Artificial Intelligence
  • ISDD (document masking in accordance with KVKK)
  • Supplier Management
  • Intelligent document classification
  • Process mining

One platform for all processes and documents

For each business, using different applications, companies are costly. It tires users and IT teams. To keep applications alive, it is necessary to spend a lot of resources. The PaperWork platform, which consists of modern responsive forms, advanced workflow, document management, RPA, artificial intelligence, mobile application, integration layer (API) and Business intelligence tools, collects the work done in different applications on itself. It easily automates processes. It measures performance and workload. It allows easy changes in processes. It works integrated with ERP applications and reduces operating and adaptation costs. Increases efficiency

With Low Code technology, it is possible to keep up with the speed and agility of the digital age and to continuously improve the quality of products and services you offer to your customers.

Developing an application from scratch is a time-consuming task that requires serious software development skills and expertise. As an alternative to this, low-code platforms reduce the time required to develop business applications and the need for software developers. With Low Code, the rapid application development technology of the modern world, reduce coding and bring process-based applications live in a short time. Graphical interface design tools, ready integration modules and wizards form the basis of Low Code architecture.

Who did how much work? Who has how much work? KPI, SLA tracking, where are the problematic points of the process? Am I using my human workforce efficiently? The answers to such questions are presented to users through dashboards and reports prepared by our business intelligence (BI) module. The performance of all processes and people is instantly monitored by the system. Problem spots are immediately identified and easily cured.

Integrated document management system keeps track of documents with their versions. All operations on the document are logged. Advanced authorization mechanism controls access rights to the document. It allows you to work in compliance with KVKK. With our Artificial Intelligence supported "KVKK module", critical data in the document is masked. Documents are collected on a single document management system. Other corporate applications save and display documents from the archive through the content services provided by PaperWork's API. In this way, it is prevented that corporate documents are kept scattered on different applications.

Our Artificial Intelligence Engine "PaperWorkAI", which we developed with our own resources, is at the center of your platform. Our artificial intelligence engine, which is a combination of Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, facilitates the operations on processes and documents, and ensures compliance with legal regulations.

PaperWork also works integrated with RPA robots. It manages both human labor and RPA robots on the process, increasing productivity

Self-sufficient agile companies, Owl Academy,

Since 2018, trainings have been provided free of charge, enabling our customers to make process and document management adaptations on the PaperWork platform on their own, without being dependent on anyone. These comprehensive and practical trainings are repeated free of charge every three months.

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