NetBT New Generation Banking Opportunities

NetBT Yeni Nesil Bankacılık Fırsatları

NetBT New Generation Banking Opportunities

Focusing on the needs of its customers and following technological innovations at every point of digital transformation in order to best respond to the changing social needs over time, NetBT offers uninterrupted and reliable service to its customers with its wide product range. NetBT has become one of the leading Fintech companies in Turkey in terms of open banking foundations, by combining the industry experiences it gained before its establishment with Resource Systems (ERP) - Bank integrations.

Open Banking Based Bank Integrations from an Expert

Especially with the pandemic period, bank payment orders that require wet signatures can be managed in the NetBT e-Payment system with the "e-Signature" and "Mobile Signature" integrations, making it easier to continue commercial activities outside the office. Moreover, the fact that bank payments work in harmony with ERP systems completely automates flows such as balancing-accounting.

The introduction of Online DBS, which is defined as a reliable cash management service, over API environments, makes the working models of corporate companies with business partners fast and effective. With this system, creating and transmitting DBS orders instantaneously, being able to monitor online limits and risks, reviewing demand outcomes and payments, and accounting for them on ERP provides significant gains.

Being able to manage Virtual POS operations, which are indispensable for e-commerce infrastructure, on a single platform and positioning bank integrations on this structure, the advantages offered to both sellers and end users have become very important especially in this period when online shopping gained importance. Important parameters of card transactions, such as commission and installment determination, can be managed with a single click, and all collections can be tracked with a single click on user-friendly interfaces.

The e-Account Statement product integrates with banks, enabling ERPs to instantly monitor and automatically account for bank movements, while facilitating instant data control with the i-Wallet mobile application.

POS Reconciliation, where transactions made with physical or virtual pos can be observed and reported, provides corporate companies the opportunity to follow the details of all card transactions. Thus, bank reconciliations, such as the control of bank commissions and value dates, which can be achieved in a very long time, can now be left completely under the automatic control of the system.

Artificial Intelligence Based Invoice Processing Center

NetBT's Invoice Processing Center, which is a special solution working with artificial intelligence, automatically transfers paper invoices or e-Archive invoices by e-mail to SAP or other ERP systems with Artificial Intelligence Technology and Deep Learning algorithms and makes automatic accounting. It is possible to complete the Invoice Processing Center solution, which is very easy to use, in three steps.

  • Paper Invoice or e-Archive invoices are transferred to digital with the help of mobile device or browser,
  • With Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms, the system reads all items such as vendor code, date, TIN, amount, and automatically transfers them to the existing e-Invoice system.
  • The system, which works integrated with the existing e-Invoice system, is transferred to the approval mechanism and makes automatic accounting.

While it enables all these transactions to be carried out on the web, it also provides the opportunity to be used anytime, anywhere with both Android and iOS-based Bill Processing Center Mobile Application.

All NetBT solutions enable integration with the ERP systems used by your company, ensuring full compatibility in open banking transactions.

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